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Surgical Extractions | Westmead, NSW

Conveniently located in Westmead, NSW, Westmead Smile Centre delivers comprehensive surgical treatments for all types of oral problems, including teeth extractions.
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Comfortable and Efficient Surgical Extractions

Is your tooth broken off at the gum line? Visit Westmead Smile Centre today!

Combining state-of-the-art technology with modern equipment, we aim to deliver comfortable and efficient surgical extractions.

Rest assured, our professional team is highly qualified to treat even the most complicated cases. .

We can treat even the most complicated cases

Highly Qualified Oral Surgeons

With years of experience, Westmead Smile Centre. provides specialist treatments for patients requiring oral surgery procedures.

Our highly qualified oral surgeons are committed to treating patients with optimal care and attention by using the best clinical techniques.

Our goal is to give you a set of teeth to smile about. Contact us today!

We use the best clinical techniques

Our Benefits:

  • Friendly and highly qualified team
  • Impeccable service
  • Comprehensive quality care
  • Customer focused

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