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General Services for Treatment – Westmead

Westmead Smile Centre can help you achieve healthy teeth and an attractive smile, which can change your appearance and improve your self-confidence.

All Types of Dental Services

We are committed to our promise of providing excellent dentistry and wonderful services for adults and children alike.

Our talented, conscientious, and friendly staff will help ensure that you comfortably receive the healthy, beautiful smile you deserve.

We provide everything you may need for good dental health, from preventive treatments and emergency procedures, to cosmetic dentistry interventions.

Preventive measures are important for maintaining good oral health. They help safeguard against decay and bacteria build up, preventing the need for more extensive restorative treatment later on in life. By having check-ups and fluoride treatments done as regularly as needed, people can avoid major dental problems which can end up being very costly to treat in the long run. However, if it's too late to salvage a tooth, we can just as well perform tooth replacement procedures, leaving you with a good set of teeth.

We are here to help you, anytime, any day. When your dental health is at risk, we will do everything we can to make sure you're treated as soon as possible.

Take the first step to curing all your dental emergency problems by contacting Westmead Smile Centre today.