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Kids Dental Care: Find It at Seven Hill’s Westmead Smile Centre

Are you looking for the right place to take your child for dental care? Look no further than Seven Hill’s Westmead Smile Centre! Getting your child’s teeth cleaned and checked is a big deal. After all, oral health plays an important role in overall wellness and can even affect academic performance.

We specialise in pediatric dentistry and provide comprehensive, compassionate care to ensure your child’s teeth are healthy and beautiful. Our team of experienced pediatric dentists has the expertise to address any issues that may be present while providing a comfortable and fun environment for your little one.

Services are Offered at Westmead Smile Centre in Seven Hills

If you’re looking for quality kid’s dental care, we have you covered with its wide array of services. They offer everything from metamorphic dentistry and orthodontics to preventive and restorative treatments.

Let’s look at some of the services they offer:

Metamorphic Dentistry: This minimally invasive solution helps young kids develop a healthy smile without the need for traditional braces.

Orthodontics: If your child needs braces, our dental clinic has qualified specialists who can work with you and your child to create an individualised orthodontic treatment plan.

Preventive Care: We provide routine preventative care to your child, such as checkups and cleanings to help keep teeth healthy.

Restorative Care: From fillings to crowns, the staff at our centre will provide treatments to restore your child’s teeth to optimal health and beauty.

Children’s Dental Milestones and How to Address Them

Children have an important set of dental milestones to reach, and understanding them is crucial for giving your kid the best oral care. At Seven Hill’s Westmead Smile Centre, our team of pediatric dentists will help you assess and address each milestone.


Your baby’s first tooth will come around six to nine months after birth. The teething process is generally not painful, but if your child is feeling discomfort from it, there are ways to help soothe them. Our child dentists can provide tips for managing this period and helping your baby adjust to their new teeth.

Permanent Teeth

By the time a child reaches six, they should have most or all of their permanent teeth. We’ll check that they’re developing normally and provide advice on how to take care of these teeth until they become adults.

Cleaning and Preventing Cavities

As soon as a child has multiple teeth present, they should start receiving routine dental cleanings and checkups—at least twice a year. This can help prevent cavities in growing kids and helps set them on the path of lifelong oral health. Our experienced pediatric dentists can show you how to brush your child’s teeth correctly and discuss other ways you can keep their smiles healthy for life.

Keeping your child’s teeth and gums healthy is essential to their overall well-being, and the experts at our centre are here to help. Their team of experienced dentists will provide your children with the highest level of dental care and resources to ensure their teeth stay healthy and beautiful for years.

From preventative care to restorative treatment, Seven Hill’s Westmead Smile Centre is a one-stop shop for your child’s dental needs. With an experienced staff and an array of services, your child will be on the path to better oral hygiene in no time. To ensure your child gets the best care possible, visit us for their dental needs, or you may call us at (02) 9687 5552 for your query.