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Dr. Anthony Quach / B.D.Sc (QLD) / Dental Surgeon

Teeth Whitening Oatlands

For many months, you have been putting off the visit to the dentist. Now, it has become urgent for you to make an appointment with one.

The smile specialists are at your disposal

You love to drink tea or coffee but they are known for changing the colour of teeth. At Westmead Dental, we provide teeth whitening treatments as part of our cosmetic dentistry services. In addition, we can place crowns and veneers or do complete dental makeovers. We also offer general and restorative services. Our friendly staff members are there to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. And our dentists strive to make your dental experience the least painful. For those who are unlucky enough to break a tooth on a Sunday, our practice offers emergency dentistry services.

At Westmead Dental, we serve the region of Oatlands, feel free to contact us for further details or to book an appointment.